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    New and need some advice

    Hi guys,

    i've just started my first cycle of test e, running 750mg a week and looking at running this 12 weeks.

    My stats are:

    25 years. 189 pounds/86KG and i'm 5'10/ 177CM + 16% BF.

    Looking at running 750mg of only test E for 12 weeks, 2 shots a week.
    3500-4000 calories a day. ( hoping this will be a good amount for gains, with not a lot of fat gains)
    and i've have a product called Genox20 Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg per pill X 40 pills )

    i'm thinking i should run Tamoxifen citrate

    day 1 PCT: 50mg
    day 2 PCT: 50mg
    day 3 PCT: 50mg
    day 4 PCT: 40mg
    day 5 PCT: 40mg
    day 6 PCT: 30mg - 30mg a day till all the pills are gone? i put the mg high to account for the citrate being weaker than pure Tamoxifen.

    Any help?

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    Welcome to the community! Re-post in the question/answer section for more views and responses.

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    Hello and welcome.That whole cycle needs some re planning. Re-post in Q&A and get things right be fore you start.

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    Yes^^^ do not start this w/out your AI HCG and a correct pct protocol,

    4 wks of both clomid and nolvadex
    Clomid 75/50/50/50 nolva - 40/40/20/20 run both as they work in synergy together... Many things yo work out! Have a read at this

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    Welcome to the forum

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