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    New member here

    I found this site and it's treasure trove of information while browsing online for information. I've worked out in the past and I've had really good results but nothing spectacular. I have about six years of lifting experience however it's been about eight years since I've last lifted and I've gotten fat, out of shape, and a lot weaker than I used to be. I'm currently working on getting my BF% down before I start any kind of cycle. I've probably got another seven or eight months left to get down around 15% BF. I'm lifting again and have been doing so four days per week for the last month.

    I suffer from low T and have been on and off of replacement through my general practitioner. I've never noticed much of a difference when using T replacement but I plan on getting my blood work tested again in about three weeks to see where I'm at and start replacement again. I feel like my general is not well educated in this particular area, so I may look for a better clinic if I don't like what he proposes for treatment.

    Anyways that's a little about me. I am glad to be here, there is so much helpful information available and the community appears to be quite active. I'm sure I will be posting looking for advice and opinions once I get my blood work done and start my testosterone injections again.

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