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    Help! Safety in starting a cycle early?

    Hey guys,
    I have just finished a test prop/var/winny cycle not long ago, Gained Only 3kg but leaned right up. I ran
    test prop for 10 weeks at 1ml eod
    Var weeks 1-8 at 80mg
    Winny weeks 4-8 at 70mg (reasoning for middle of cycle is there was a festival I was prepping for)
    Aromasin weeks 1-10 at 12.5mg eod

    My current pct consists of
    Clomid 50mg for 10 days (it's all I could get)
    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Aromasin 12.5mg ed
    And hcg is on standby

    Now my question is, would it be safe to jump on a new cycle of prop/eq/tren after 8 weeks off? I would be using hcg throughout and only minimal tren dosage.
    Blood work came back fine from doctors only 2 weeks post cycle. Will be getting more BW after 6/8 weeks.
    Any help would be great!!

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    Welcome. You will probably get a better response by posting in the proper section. This is for new member introductions.

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