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    new member first tren cycle

    hey guys im about to start my first tren ace cycle along with test cyp, im 26 years old and have previous experience with cycles (nothing crazy). i have run sus250 at 750 a week and methyl tren (stupid as all hell i know, a body builder friend put me on 750mcgs methyl tren as a first cycle). ive had several test cycles in the past few years, basically im looking for advice, this is my first post ever on a site, the more i look online the more mixed reviews i hear and its been confusing to say the least. my cycle looks like.
    tren ace 75mg eod (250 a week)
    test cyp at 250 a week
    arimidex and letro if needed to combat prolactin
    nolvadex planned for pct
    basically im concerned with the sides ive heard about even running at a low dose of 250mg (i plan to bump up as cycles progresses if the sides allow) i had no sides runnning methyl tren and no real sides from test (slight aggression rarely)
    im looking for any basic advice or experiance on this cycle or tren ace in general, slightly nervous jumping into this one. i plan on running test 2 week prior to the tren in order to get my system going to avoid total shut down and run test for the duration of tren use, then continue test for a month post tren. so my cycle will look like (week 1 thru 12) test cyp 250mg, (week 3 thru 10) tren ace 75 eod. most likely jump as i go.

    my stats right now,
    height 5'11
    weight 178lbs
    body fat 7.1%
    been lifting off and on for 10 years

    my goals for this cycle is lean mass build. ideally i would like to jump to 190 pounds and keep my body fat under 9%.
    any advice is needed and welcomed guys, this is a big jump for me, also please be nice guys i know im asking a lot but im going to run this anyways and really really would like some help, support and constructive feedback! thank you all.

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    Hey again! Welcome to the forum!

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    welcome online man!

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    East Coast beach town

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome bro

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    Welcome to the forum, post in the Q&A.

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    Tren messes up my sleep gives me anxiety beyond 350 a week besides that you can get a better compound for lean mass and seem like you got your head on straight good luck and welcome

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    Welcome to the forum!

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