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Thread: Hi everybody!

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    Hi everybody!

    Hi guys ! I'm from Argentina, I know my english grammar is far from perfect, hope you will understand.
    I'm male, 39 years old and I've been training natty since my teens. The 1st of January of 2017 I decided to start my first cycle. I've read a lot of articles, books and forums and also I've watched lot of videos about subjects like basic endocrinology, weight training, diet, nutrition, vitamins, supplements, carbohydrates, fats, protein, workouts, muscle hypertrophy, workouts, exercises, muscle fibers, etc.... and of course steroids and ancillary drugs.

    These are my stats before cycle:
    Height: 186 cm.
    Weight: 84 kg.
    Fat: about 10 %
    shoulder width: 19.5 inches

    On cycle:
    Weight: 88 kg.
    shoulder width: 20.5 inches

    After cycle:
    Weight: 84 kg.
    shoulder width: 20.5 inches

    So I ended up with broader shoulders, and that was one of my goals, since I'm tall and ectomorphic.

    My first cycle was a kind of test, to see how my body reacts to the juice. By the way all the meds I used were bought in a pharmacy, here in Argentina, the law is similar to Mexico regarding to gear.
    The cycle length was 10 weeks and I use Testoviron Depot (test. enanthate ), arimidex and HCG . For PCT I just continue using adex for three more weeks.

    Here you have my schedule, gear, ancillaries and dosage.

    Hi everybody!-screenshot-2017-07-30-22-47-04.png

    So far so good I feel GREAT ON CYCLE!!! Not just physically but mentally also, test is an amazing confidence booster. If I have to describe the feeling... I felt like a spartan soldier ready to kick Xerxes ass.

    The only negative sides that I've experienced were all after PCT was conclued and they were:
    • lower libido
    • need to pee and no pee at all

    Fortunately these sides lasts a couple of weeks and then all come back to normal.

    Five months have passed, and I'm planning to start a new cycle starting in the middle of August, I'll start a new post to share it with you.

    I'm happy to be here and share my experience with you guys. Thanks you all!!!

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    Welcome to the forum.

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