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    First Cycle, 30 Year Old looking for Guidance.

    Hi Guys,
    I am 30 years old. I am 5'9 at 192 lbs. I have been training for over 8 years consistently. i am at 13.2 % bodyfat . Tested using dexascan. I want to do my first cycle to get shredded. I have done multiple times in the past to get down to 8-9% bodyfat. Nothing new for me there. I have a shoot for my company in april. I need to look shredded.

    I hired a great coach and personal trainer. Here is a cycle that he recommended. I am no expert in steroids as this is my first cycle ever. I dont see testosterone in here. so i emailed him asking for this feedback on test. I just want to get feed back from you all. Appreciate it. None of the compounds below i believe, do not aromatize to estrogen. so he did not recommended any AI. Any feed back is appreciated

    1. WINSTROL (oral) 25mg per day
    2. ANAVAR 20mg per day
    3. Clenbuterol : 20mcg 2x per day (taken separately).
    4. Cytomel : 25mcg per day. [start when I instruct you to]
    5. TESTOLYZE (from Species Nutrition) 3 pills 2x per day

    My current macros as I am losing fat is carbs : 220 g , fats 80 g , protein 200 g.

    Carbs : 220 g , protein 200 g, fats 80 g

    Refeed- carbs 400 g , protein 150 g , fats 50 g.

    Cardio: on incline at 3.5 for 30 mins two times a week post weight training. I am keeping cardio to minimum as i am still losing fat. Will do HIIT once i hit a plateau.

    Refeed once a week- on the day that I do legs for strength.

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    Hi there. Welcome.

    Is this guy for real? That would be a horrible first cycle. Orals are harsh on the liver. Orals should be used to kickstart a cycle, but only for people who are already experienced with cycling. As someone with no cycle experience, you should steer clear of potentially damaging compounds. I understand the desire to get shredded, but at the expense of your health? I don't think it's worth it. Not to mention, has he said how long he'd expect you to run those orals? Usually people only run them for about 4 weeks. Longer than that and you risk serious complications.

    Your first cycle should be test only. Besides, if you do that and cut your fat % down you'll see great results and without destroying your liver.

    Edit: I should add, for more responses, post this in the Q&A section. You'll get more helpful advice there!
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    Hello and welcome.

    There's an excellent thread stickied in the Q&A section "Planning my first cycle", by Austinite that has has lots of great info and explanations.

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