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    Looking for advice and answers

    Hi my name is Shaun I'm 37 5'10 215lbs not sure about my BFI% (Actually I don't even know how to tell what it is) I started off with a test e-cycle 500 mg a week 2pins for 12weeks then instead of cycling off I just cruised with a maintenance pin of 250 mg a week for two months now I'm 5 weeks into blasting again w/500mg sus a week , 50 mg D-bol a day for 30 days I will be taking Clomid and nolvadex to cycle off instead of cruising this time. I just recently read about on your Forum taking milk thistle so I purchase some milk thistle last night and I wasn't sure exactly how much to take some people were saying a thousand mg a day the pills are 175ml mg so I took 3 last night before bed I took 3 this morning when I woke up figure I'll just take a couple more throughout the day I'm also taking BCAAs and protein shakes pretty regularly and trying to eat somewhat clean. I guess the questions I have are 1)do you guys really believe that that liv-51is a good product and should I look into that over the milk thistle? 2) how much milk thistle should I be taking in one day? 3) how do I find out my BFI% 4) I've noticed that sometimes when I take the dbol I'll get a headache a little later like as I'm working out not a bad one I could usually just take 2 Excedrin and be fine but I know that Excedrin has acetaminophen in it and that's bad on your liver so I just wanted to ask has other people experienced headaches from Dbol? 5) also I've noticed right between my eyebrows and to the left and to the right of my nose I've gotten what seems to look like a small rash or redness and I was wondering if maybe that was related somehow to any of this I assume that some kind of allergic something so I purchased some Loratadine tablets.

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    Welcome to the forum, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is better. Milk thistle is not all that good but if it's all you have then fine. You can get NAC from Amazon ect you can use it everyday at 1200mg or when on cycle 2400mg day.
    Post any more Q you have in the Q&A as tbis section is just for intros.

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