Hello ,
I am newly married man age 27. During a month i feel normal and properly did sex with my wife but after a month i feel erectile dysfunction not getting proper erection.
I have used Anabolic Steroid in past. But i have stopped it one year before. What i have taken im listing it below.

First Cycle in 2015:
10ml -- Winstrol
3ml --- Testosterone Proponate
Clen 60mg --- 100 tabs

Temtero 10mg during or after cycle for 2 week.
Provinon 10 tabs -- 3 packet

After Six month took another cycle:

10ml Testosterone -- 1 ml in a week
10ml Winstrol -- 1ml in a week.
Winstrol 10mg Oral --- 50 tabs
Clen 40 mg -- 100 tabs
Temtero 2 week
HCG 5000iu 2 shot once a week.

Thats it not taken any steroid after that its been a Year now.
Now when i feel Erection problem i did blood test and reports are :

E2 : 36.00 pg/ml (Adult: less than 62.0)
Total Test: 14.30 nmol/L (8.33 - 30.19)
LH : 1.49 mIU/ml. (1.14 - 8.75)
FSH : 1.41 mIU/ml (0.95 - 11.9)
TSH : 5.575 uIU/ml (0.35 - 4.94)
Prolactin: 11.56 ng/ml (3.46 - 19.4)
Progesterone : 1.11 ng/ml. (0.25 - 0.56)

I have specified the reference range in the bracket now please help what to do ?
And how much time it will take to get back my sex drive and my erection problem will solve?

Now i start a PCT like this:-
Clomid 50mg ed
Nolva 20mg ed
Caber 0.25mg every 3 days
Natural Testosterone Booster
Multi Vitamins and Clacium

Its been 10 days to start this PCT program but still not getting my problem solve.
How much time should i wait to recover my self?

Please Help.