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Thread: Erection problem after one year of Cycle. Please Help

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    Erection problem after one year of Cycle. Please Help

    Hello ,
    I am newly married man age 27. During a month i feel normal and properly did sex with my wife but after a month i feel erectile dysfunction not getting proper erection.
    I have used Anabolic Steroid in past. But i have stopped it one year before. What i have taken im listing it below.

    First Cycle in 2015:
    10ml -- Winstrol (for 10 Week)
    2ml --- Testosterone
    Clen 60mg --- 100 tabs

    PCT :
    Temtero 10mg during or after cycle for 2 week.
    Provinon 10 tabs -- 3 packet

    After Six month took another cycle:

    10ml Testosterone -- 1 ml in a week
    10ml Winstrol -- 1ml in a week.
    Winstrol 10mg Oral --- 50 tabs
    Clen 40 mg -- 100 tabs
    Temtero 2 week
    HCG 5000iu 2 shot once a week

    Thats it not taken any steroid after that its been a year now.
    Now when i feel Erection problem i did blood test and reports are :

    E2 : 36.00 pg/ml (Adult: less than 62.0)
    Total Test: 14.30 nmol/L (8.33 - 30.19)
    LH : 1.49 mIU/ml. (1.14 - 8.75)
    FSH : 1.41 mIU/ml (0.95 - 11.9)
    TSH : 5.575 uIU/ml (0.35 - 4.94)
    Prolactin: 11.56 ng/ml (3.46 - 19.4)
    Progesterone : 1.11 ng/ml. (0.25 - 0.56)

    I have specified the reference range in the bracket now please help what to do ?
    And how much time it will take to get back my sex drive and my erection problem will solve?

    Now i start a PCT like this:-
    Clomid 50mg ed
    Nolva 20mg ed
    Caber 0.25mg every 3 days
    Natural Testosterone Booster
    Multi Vitamins and Clacium

    Its been 10 days to start this PCT program but still not getting my problem solve.
    How much time should i wait to recover my self?
    Please Help

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    Post this in the questions and answers section for more feedback.
    Also you put up some good info for the knowledgeable guys to look over so props for that.
    As for my own feedback I had an issue like this a few years ago because of using Deca wrong. It was embarrassing with my wife and it put a lot of strain on our marriage. Anyway, what I did was use a natural supplement
    Fenugreek. Seemed to reset me and after a week or so I was feeling normal again. Of course it may have been a placebo effect for me because I usually don't buy into natural remedies but my doctor refused to prescribe me Viagra. I am in no way offering medical advice, just my own experience.
    Welcome to the forums.
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    Welcome to the forum, post your Q in the Q&A section as this section is just for intros. Just copy and paste this what you have wrote here.
    Put your threat title as **Blood Work Results ** it will get you help quicker. STOP! These silly test boosters now, your first and second pct was horrid.
    You will get help do this asap.

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