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    Hey Guys , I am a former Pro Ball player and now that I am done playing ball I am just trying to get my degree at LSU. I am 22 Years old and I am trying to gain 20-25 lbs. I am 6ft -165lbs and id say i am a pretty fit dude. I am just trying to gain some extreme muscle mass. I am open to anything but i also want to be safe and want to try a lab/company that is legit.. Please let me know your suggestions.. Looking too be around 190-195.

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    If you want to be safe,sort your diet out,and go to the gym and work your tits off.If you're fit,as you say,you should have no problems
    increasing body mass at your age.
    It just depends how hard you want it.

    Oh,and welcome by the way.

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    Welcome. At 22 you should have no problems putting on weight. You need to learn to eat. Visit the diet nutrition section of the forum.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    man .. 6ft at 165? I'm 5'8 at 188 and I'm in great shape .. and still natural .. you could gain 20-25 lbs naturally, stop being hasty about it .. here you go .. eat 20-30g of proteins each 2-3 hours, train 3-4 days/week .. learn the correct form and then start adding weights progressively .. never ever skip leg day under the sentence "I already have strong legs I don't train them" .. they add mass, weight and they look incredible .. add weights progressively and learn .. then start supersets, dropsets and pyramids .. but most important is consistency, 170 to 200 grams of proteins each and every damn day or else switch to pingpong .. try to get some sleep each day .. and try not to be addicted to protein powder .. I mean there was a time I drank 7 shakes a day and it was utterly stupid .. drink a shake when waking up and post workout .. drink a liter of milk at night before bed .. 6ft tall at 165 adding 20-25 pounds of mass is not the hardest thing ever .. it takes work but man it's worth it .. and it's side effect free .. oh and consider creatine mono (it's a MUST) .. first get your diet right then train .. then 3 months later add Creatine mono .. and after 3 years of routine and dedication and heavy weights .. if you want more then you can consider hopping on the roids train .. but really 185-190 is achievable in a year or so of hard work and dedication .. PS: don't spend money on bcaas glutamine pre workout and other farts .. take multivitamin/mineral 5-6 days/week, 200mg of coffee 45 minutes before workout with 150g of carbs ... 10-15 minutes before workout you could add a shake if you haven't eaten well that day but don't forget to add a vitamin C drink too ... hope this helps

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