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    50 and fat as hell. No energy, drive, etc.

    Hi forum members, I'm just getting started with TRT with my doctor but I cannot fathom going through another 6 months of testing and inching up my levels so slowly. I tried it once before and even after the 200mg per MONTH there was almost no change. So they doubled it to 400, and one time I went in a few days early and could swear I felt some type of energy for about 2 days. A spark of my former self.

    Just turned 50 and I'm 5-7, 330 pounds, and that's not muscle.

    In the mid 80s I was on a stage flexing my muscles in front of hundreds of people in a contest I didn't win but I sure felt like a winner. I was active later, not lifting so much but playing very active sports, I was competing with semi-pro racquetball players until I injured a ligament in my foot badly. With kids and an economic need, I took shift work that left me far less active, and eventually once I moved out of state my workouts and recreational activities took a backseat to work, family, home repairs, and pretty much everything.

    Marital problems, injuries, money issues, and then cancer led me to a low point, I got depressed and started drinking. And when I drink, I eat bad stuff and lots of it. I started grabbing food for energy, well not really food but garbage. And my weight ballooned like I said all the way up to 330, where I am now.

    I've been in the gym over the years from time to time, even going 5 days a week for months in a row, but there is NO ENERGY. I juiced for a month straight, lost almost 40 pounds, but still NO ENERGY. There's just nothing in the tank.

    Went to the doctor to revisit the low testosterone issue after meeting a guy that knows a lot more than I do about the scene. Seems my level was 89 (just a number I was told) and from what I've gathered it should be around 600 to 1000. I also found that some chemotherapy drugs can deplete or have an adverse effect on testosterone levels , even though when I asked my doctor he said he didn't think so.

    Got a RX for 200mg every 3 weeks, doctor showed me how to self administer because I work 100 hours a week in the oilfield and I'm out of state for weeks at a time, and the timing of the injections is more critical than I knew. From what I've read, that's really a low prescription.

    I know a guy who knows a guy so I can purchase additional Cyp. I have a prescription but it's so low I'm not sure how long it will take to get UP TO SPEED.

    I'm reading the forums trying to find pertinent information from guys in the same boat as me so apologies for the novel. I'm considering just going to one of those Low T centers so I can fast track my progress. The doctor I see either doesn't get it or is wanting to ramp so slowly that I fear it will be another 6 months to a year to get me to a level where I feel better.

    I am ready to put time into the gym and my wife already makes very healthy food, but as I said if there is no boost in energy I won't stick to it.

    Anybody that has a similar situation I would love to talk to you if you've turned the bus around and found your MOJO. I miss mine terribly.

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    Welcome man. It’s gonna get better.

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    Welcome to the forum, post your TRT Q in the TRT section. Lots of help in there.

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