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Thread: Superdrol

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    Hi my name is Calvin I'm from Harlem. I'm 6 feet and I weight 215 pounds. Before I started my first steroid cycle AKA SuperDrol, about three weeks ago I was 195 pounds. Meaning I gained 20 pounds in 3 weeks. I was 10-20 mg of superdrol a day. Now I am on my last week and I'm taking consistently 20mg a day... I gained a lot of weight... A lot of noticed muscle and a little bit of belly fat... but that's because I be eating a lot of fried chicken and French fries. Any way I am very new to this.... and I felt like my friend guided me the wrong way. I really wanted to get shredded and use it for my acl surgery to recover faster... I just started stacking superdrol with test E about 1 week ago and I feel super great. I increased strength. I'm more focused and I have a lot more stamina....I have been reading a lot about this shit and it say I need a post recovery cycle... How the fuck does that WORK!!! And where do
    I get the shit..... Any way I wanted to get more shit but my friend lost his connect... Can a anyone help me... I'm so fucking Fustrated because now I don't know want to do and I don't want to lose gains or get fat....

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    . Welcome to the forum.

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    So you're running a 5-week cycle of superdrol and you're going to add test e during the last week to ensure a super complete shutdown?

    Also you're using steroid compounds which increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol on top of you eating fried chicken and french fries everyday stick around and read some of the stickies and you get the shit that you need for post Cycle Therapy from the same guy you got the shit for your cycle
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    Welcome man.

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