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    Hello all!

    28 year old male. I am 6 feet tall and currently weigh 148 pounds. I am from the US and I have played sports my whole life with inconsistent training. I am.happy to be here to learn as much as possible!


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    Welcome bro

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hello everyone,

    Frist time poster here.
    It would be great to get some experienced feedback. Hopefully Im not alone in this.

    Im 37, male, 57 & 78kgs. My sports experience consists of rugby, boxing, bjj and weights to suit my sports throughout my life.

    I was 30 when I stopped boxing, suffered a fractured eye socket in my last fight. This with many black eyes and broken noses I have had my share of concussions.
    I felt a difference in myself around 31, I describe it as my fire went out. I found it hard to pump myself up for heavy lifts, the bedroom intimacy dropped off and in general I just wasnt my old self.
    Now me changing and being more mellow is also a good thing but the other changes are not. I consulted multiple doctors on the issue. Tested my testosterone and other blood markers. Drs stated that the test levels were within acceptable ranges. Unfortunately I never tested my levels when I felt good, so I could not compare.
    I did not go down the self medication route as I wanted kids. So I carried on, depression popped up now and again, sports dropped off and weight went up to 83kgs of fat.
    I now have 2 beautiful girls. So 7 weeks ago I started a cycle.
    Bolendone - 400mg/week 1-10
    Test Enanthate 250mg/week 1-11
    Anavar 30mg/day, week 8-13
    Clomid starting at the end of week 13

    The first 6 weeks have been great, really great. I felt like I remember. I just felt good within myself. The bedroom life has improved aswell.
    Training, I am doing a lot of running and 2 days of weightlifting a week. I am focusing on the running.

    Some issues have appeared in the last week.
    1 Little white head spots on my shoulder area and neck.
    2 Drop off in the excitement below the waist.

    There are a few things I want;
    I want to feel good long term, keep the fire (mood & general happiness)
    I want the bedroom to stay improved.
    I want to concentrate on running 80%, weights 20%.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
    Thank you all in advance.

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