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    FIRST CYCLE: Tips & Advice

    FIRST CYCLE: Tips & Advice-d5caf4d2-4a8f-4da1-a4e5-762ff097fa12.jpgFIRST CYCLE: Tips & Advice-7939e4ad-4a82-440f-a524-e18e008a5761.jpg

    What’s up guys.

    Quick rundown. I’m turning 23. Been training for 4+ years. Reached some good numbers naturally. Most ever taken was a handful of PHs and SARMs . I’d like to say I have above average to even advanced knowledge on AAS. Ran my own supplement store for 2 years and have spoke with AAS users and have gained tons of knowledge how everything works. I got my hands on Prop , Tren & EQ. With on-cycle support & PCTs included of course. 6 week cycle is what was recommended. With an extra 4 weeks of Test (any kind) right after. Want to know what y’all think about this. Please hit me with some good knowledge and no smartass comments. I understand I’m young, but considering the size I’ve built up to... I think it’s time.
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hey bro. Welcome to the forum. Very glad to have you.

    Be prepared for some comments you don’t like or might disagree with. This place is full of strong opinions. But it’s also full of LEGIT knowledge. When an experienced vet responds to you they usually have your best interests in mind and want to give you good info.

    That said I’m a rookie and I don’t know enough yet to advise you. Based on what I know you are going to need to rethink your first cycle and save that gear for your second or third. Start by reading the STICKEY in the Q and A section marked READ THIS BEFORE YOUR FIRST CYCLE. It will give you a huge head start.

    Good luck bro. Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome! You've done well and the work is self-evident! That said, I'd err on the side of caution and wait another year or so. Take some time and read the Successful First Cycle Thread at the top of the AAS Q & A Forum.
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