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Thread: New From Canada

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    New From Canada

    Hi folks,

    Graduated high school nearly 20 years ago at 6'2 160lbs with roughly 20%BF. The very definition of skinny-fat.

    Chronic knee and back pain since childhood due to a dropped navicular (I have a reverse arch), 20 degree S-curve scoliosis, underdeveloped knee cartilage, and ED (joint hypermobility). I've been doing various forms of physio/"rehab" for as long as I can remember.

    Tried lots of different pain solutions with little results. Lifted on and off for years with wavering commitment to diet, but mostly kept up the lifting part. Managed to get up to 200lbs without gaining much fat, but still dealt with constant pain.

    Ironically, I worked in health care helping people rehab from injuries, but couldn't do anything for myself.

    Fast forward to 2011, a group of powerlifters convinced me that I was just a weakling and needed a "real" strength training program. I bought into it and gave it a shot. Hit a few major sticking points along the way, but worked through them. Eventually I made the mistake and dirty bulked up to 265lbs at about 30% bodyfat.

    The reason I ended up dirty bulking was because my strength hit a final sticking point that I couldn't beat. Tried multiple programs, all to no avail. I never used gear before and my PL buddies were basically telling me that I probably hit my max natural potential (which is pretty crappy, considering where my lifts were at).

    My best lifts were:
    385lbs Squat
    405lbs Deadlift
    295lbs Bench

    Didn't get the chance to try gear though... I further injured myself in a squat gone bad (hyperextended my knee doing a PR at a meet). Partially tore my ACL and tore my meniscus. Docs won't do surgery because of the very low likelihood of a good outcome based on my case history. My back pain also got a lot worse, turns out I have DJD and DDD in my spine and one of my vertebra is slipping forwards. Good times!

    That was in 2014. I tried off and on to get back to the big three, but ended up quitting lifting altogether in 2016.

    After 2 years of depression, the bug bit me again and I'm back at it. Been at the gym for a few months cutting all the dirty bulk fat and "not lifting" fat that has accumulated in the past couple of years.

    35yrs old
    6'1 (I guess I'm shrinking)
    BF 22.5% (dexa-scan)

    The diet is dialed in and I've been training 4 days a week (upper/lower; alternating strength/hypertrophy). Focus is on pain free movements and trying to get strength up without flaring things. I don't lock out any movements anymore and I focus on the squeeze and TUT to get the muscles working with less strain on my joints. Can't squat past 90 degrees any more or my knee clicks and feels like it's going to tear off, so I do box squats to 90. So far so good... Struggling to find good glute/hamstring movements at my gym that don't aggravate my back (PL gym, so mostly free weights).

    My old lifting buddy (best friend since high school) has challenged me to do a bodybuilding contest with him in 2020, which I'd like to take him up on. That gives me 2 years.

    I've got to get my BF down some more and figure out more pain free movements that I can use to build up again, but strongly considering cycling when (really, IF) I get my lifts back up to respectable levels (for me). Anyways, doing a lot of research on it and this forum has been invaluable. Figured I'd join and say hello. Will ask questions and continue learning.

    Kudos if you managed to get through all that!
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    welcome hoser
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    Welcome my fellow Canuck. I'm happy to see that you are overcoming some adversity and are now enjoying lifting again. Keep it up!
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