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Thread: New to this site and online gear communities

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    Post New to this site and online gear communities

    Hey everyone first off let me start of saying i been reading some post on this site and some of you guys look amazing and it is really inspirational so thanks for showing off the gains!

    Little about myself :

    Height : 6 ft
    Starting Weight : 145
    Current Weight : 200

    I been working out on & off for about 10 years , i didn't get into it seriously until about 3.5 years ago (weighing 145) when i started off taking a pro- hormones (msten, mutant plex) which was great gains but i do regret since being quite harsh but I also have to thank for showing me the gateway to gear. I was nervous on starting gear and just finding a reliable source seemed haunting, but eventually I was able to get a source and did my homework on everything. With countless hours of research I man'd up and popped through the right thigh shaky as hell lol ! That is when i started to become addicted to the lifestyle and the amazing benefits gear provided for me. I tried TestE, TestC, Deca , Sust, Eq, Tren , dbol , anavar , and M1t all using the same website... I didn't plan to continue using after 3 years but after some injuries had me out of the game for awhile and also just the way I feel on a cycle is well worth any future health risks is how I feel at the moment. I been pretty impatient with my pct but I am trying to improve the length being off gear specially if i plan to do brutal cycles! Hope to meet some vets in the game that wouldn't mind adding me and sharing info and if possible their stories ! Thanks for taking the time in reading and keep slayin that iron!
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