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Thread: New and wanting testosterone advice

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    New and wanting testosterone advice

    Iím a lean fit 53 years old man. Iíve been working out my entire life. Iíve been on testosterone replacement for six years now. Due to the fact that my testosterone prescription is for more than my actual dose I have collected five extra 10ml vials of testosterone cypionate 200mg/ml.

    I would like to use my extra in a safe and effective way to help build my physique.

    Occasionally I have injected extra amounts for short periods but Iíve never noticed any physique benefits. Only an insatiable sex drive.

    Advice on were to find information on the forum on this would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum, from my experiences I never just did a straight test cycle, but wouldn't recommend doing uneven random doses. Not sure how much MG of gear you are taking now, and how often you are shooting or how your diet and workout routines are but this is what I would do.... remember everyone is different and find things work better for them than others but anyways find the two days during the week that work best with you to shoot and stay consistent! If you are doing twice a week I'd raise each shot half a ml so then you would be getting a extra 200mg a week and see how well that works after 3 or so weeks. If that ain't helping raise another half per shot. If you are shooting once per week raise a full ml. When I first started out I had to find the right dosage were I'd know I'd get the gains without overdueing it. This is just what I would do and it worked for me, good luck with achieving your goals!

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    you're been on TRT for years. you should have optimal and high levels of Test. AND if your diet and training have been spot on you should be seeing results and building your physique,, simply injecting more Test at this point is not going to make a big difference other then give you more negative side effects.

    now having said that. IF you can really dial down your training and nutrition and get them optimized for growth and muscular development, then YES adding a 6-8 week blast of Test to your TRT can surely help with the gains. but it will do nothing without optimized diet and training, cause again, you've been at optimized levels of Test this whole time to begin with
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    Welcome to the forum.

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