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Thread: New start

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    New start

    42 years old
    Ex college basketball player.

    Took some time off in my early 30s from training to start a business and raise 4 kids with my wife. Last 4 years got back into training. Eat healthy because my wife is a fitness nut plus I'm a celiac on top of that. Very clean eating. I don't put on weight, I don't lose weight. I stay the same. No matter how hard I train or not. I stay the same.

    At age 40 I was in an auto accident where I was pinned between 2 cars. Praise God I'm alive. But I did major injury to my lower back and pelvis. Spent last couple years doing rehab and light workouts to regain strength and stamina.

    I'm not looking to be in bodybuilding. I have lurked around forums for a couple years. Am involved in crossfit type training

    My hope here is guidance on gear that will help me get back to what I was able to do. If I have some growth that is welcomed as well. Still have pain in lower back area. But can push through.

    I can squat, deadlift and do most every movement now. etc. I am not able to have explosive movements like running or jumping (basketball abilities) just would like to get over the hump so to speak.

    It has been recommended to me to use a combination of
    200mg test c 2x/wk
    200mg deca 2x/wk
    3iu HGH daily
    .5mg arimidex

    40mg nolva ED for 4 weeks
    clomid 50mg ED for 4 weeks

    That seems like a lot but maybe not

    Am gonna get blood work done to see where exactly I am. Will post that when I get results.

    So I am hoping for guidance. That's it.

    I've read tons of forums and have watch people explode on others. Please don't be rude. If you have advice, I will listen.

    If your an idiot please don't respond. I'm not gonna get in a battle of words on a forum. I'll just disappear and figure it out on my own

    So I will give this a shot

    Thanks for your guidance in advance

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    Welcome mate, I am new also. I hope we will learn something from here!

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    Whats up guys- you will find alot of good info here.
    Servant, im on a similar set up now, minis the GH. Just test and deca . So far its a good run. Still got alot more time on it so will see how the gains keep comin. Definitely do alot of reading in stickies first - may change your mind on which route you want to go. And would rather have it all planned out before you start.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome! Test only is likely your best bet, read up as much as you can on here.

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    Doing lots of reading. More info than I cam digest with more opinions than you can shake a stick at.

    What amazes me the most is the science behind it. From release time, injection schedules and locations. To what the different products do and what side effects may be.

    Truly is a lot to take in.

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