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Thread: Hello again......

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    Hello again......

    Hi All,

    I've been a list lurker in the past and had an account under a different name many, many years ago. Recently I decided to come out of the shadows and learn more about AS and how to better incorporate it into my lifestyle.

    More about myself:
    Height- 5' 11:
    BF 15%ish (based on Tanita scale that is sometimes close)

    I've been working out for more than 30 years mostly off and on. On when I was in the military. Off when I was in college and had kids and working hard. On when I was getting divorced and later remarried. For the past decade or so, I've been primary focused on triathlon and ultra-running which is pretty. Not a big bulky sport and a whole lot of cardio. I had Achilles surgery back in December 2017 and knowing recovery would long, I started working out pretty hard a year ago right up until surgery. I was able to hit the gym again in late January and enjoying the crap out of it since my running days are still a long ways off and few and far between.

    I'm in the IT/telecom field so I sit on my ass most of the day and lifting is a great stress reliever. I plan on switching careers in the next couple of years (defense contractor) and do that for a couple of years so I can retire early but given the inherent danger of being "over there", I want to bulk up a bit and lean out. As they say, fit to fight...

    I ran a cycle of win back in 2004 with decent strength gains and did a short cycle of crappy Mexican veterinary test in 2005. In 2009/2010 I was put on HRT and did Androgel for a couple of years. It started really well then went to crap due to absorption issues. My Urologist (who is pretty awesome and forward thinking) recommended going to a Testopel pellet and I've been on those or the compounded version ever since. Given my activity level from triathlon and ultra-running, I burn through it rather quickly and when I'm ready to reload, my T levels are typically sub 200. I do a weekly dose of Arimidex to keep E in check and otherwise have no other health issues.

    I look forward to learning more as I prep for my next cycle in May.
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    Welcome to the forum.

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