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    Trying to do this the right way!

    Hi all! I've decided to do this the right way this time. I found these forums a few weeks ago and amazed not only by all the information but also as its in a way I can understand, well mostly lol. I've just finished reading through the stickies and austinite's Posts, some a few times over.

    I'm 29, I've been lifting on a off for about 9 years. A few years ago I had been training constantly for a couple years and I did a court of orals, dbol 8 week and I think turanabol 8 weeks. I stopped half way through the turanabol. I had some very bad advice, like no need for test or pct. didn't even know what an ai was. The results where good and no lasting problems. But shortly after life changed as it does and I wasn't rarely working, stopped training altogether and was in a bad relationship.
    Things are different now and I'm very much back into bodybuilding! I've been training for about 6 month again, first 3 a bit of here and there but the last three months training on point. I've been eating really good , with a little bad.
    I really wanted to jump head first as I know aas are definatly the way I'm gonna go. But after reading the stickies a few thing slowing me down.
    Main concerns are I eat well but don't track any Cals. I've only been training again properly 3 months. Muscle memory is nice! And I'm most likely around 20% bf. Also don't have the money for 1 round of bloodwork let alone 3.
    I'm lucky enough to go to a gym where lots go people compete. I can pick up gear relatively easy but I'm still trying to work out what's what, with brands and pricing etc. I have a few big/competitor friends that have been doing it for years but they lack the scientific side of things, (like the things I've listed as my concerns before I start are not concerns to them lol). And I want to know exactly what I'm doing this time.

    Anyway thanks if you read this, this is me saying hello!

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    Welcome .

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