Hey everyone,

Just running my first cycle and thought I'd share to see what you guys think. A little background, I am 30yo and been lifting for 15 years natty. I'm 150lbs lean ectomorph type. Please no know it all comments about my age or weight. I'm doing this as a personal decision after years of research and years in the gym. I know my body and I put in the work. All that aside, here's my plan. I am about half way through right now and more than anything, just eager to see if PCT isn't hell lol because cycle is ezpz so far.

8 Week Cycle:
300mg Teste per week
0.5mg Anastrozol eod as needed

4 Week PCT:
week 1 - 250IU HCG eod
week 2 - 150IU HCG eod
week 2 - 20mg Nolva ed
week 3 - 20mg Nolva eod
week 4 - Nolva as needed

I will go 2-4 weeks drug free then start again. Also I'm tapering to half dose test on 8th week. So far no sides except mild headache from AI. I've already put on a solid five visible pounds of muscle. On my lean frame that is a lot. I will also be using a slew of health food and sups I have already used with success to help boost test and keep estrogen in check mostly on PCT, but also taking some during cycle.

I've been a health nut for years and found mild success from it but finally decided to make the leap to make some real gains and keep them. Real gains for me being like 20lbs muscle long term goal. If I make bigger gains so be it, but I am actually not in it for mass. I will likely never go above 500mg test and will likely only stack with something safe like Prima if I feel like it. I'm also considering around 4iu HGH for PCT and overall size maintenance. I have 4 drugs here and that is more than enough for me right now so please don't force your regime on me. Just looking for your input on what you see here.

My question is if you guys think I should keep using AI during HCG? I plan to btw. And also if anyone has experimented with sups like Maca, Broccoli Powder, or other hormone regulators for PCT including test boosters and the like. As a person who has experimented with them and found actual success from them I can't help but think they should be vital in any PCT.