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    Newbie to Anabolics ... interested in learning how to best improve my physique -

    Hi all -

    I live in Boise, Idaho - have been here for over a year now. I've been hitting the gym 4x a week - mixing weights with cardio - and youtube watching to see the best current techniques which seem to be always evolving. I'm 5'11 - and weigh between 175 - 180lbs, depending on time of day ... would like to attain a better physique than I have now. Am a bit frustrated because I'm not seeing real results - I have chicken legs - and tend to think much of this is genetics. So - technically a fat skinny guy - looking to even myself out as best I can. Am not afraid of the work to put into it - but after spending a fortune in the past few years on Hydroxycut pills, and everything else that you could think of from GNC and others with regards to protein, etc. - am now venturing into the Anabolic Steroid market to see what kind of results it can help me to produce. I don't mind trying things - at least once - but if I go through a whole bottle of something and can't tell any kind of difference - will stop and try something else. Reasoning is - I'm aware there's a ton of snake oil junk out there in the market - I've bought into it previously - am just trying to find what works best for me. I understand genetics can have a big impact on the effectiveness of a product. Any help here anyone can afford me on the topic - I'm all ears, and don't mind paying for what works.

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    Welcome brother.
    In my opinion I would go for 1cc or ml of test cyp or enanthate a week. Maybe two at the most.
    And Iíd take 12.5 mg of aromasin every other day.
    Never do a oral only cycle.
    Others have but you donít want to go into pct like that.
    Wks 1-12 1-2/ml of test
    Wks 13-14 let the esters clear(ie no injections)
    Wks 15-19 pct cloned and nolva and aromasin 12.5mg.
    I ran that cycle and gained 15lbs was my first cycle.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Make sure you are eating plenty of food. If youre not gaining much weight, eat some more... and some more. (Good, nutritious food)

    Steroids could have life altering consequences. Consider them before starting a cycle. Theyre not like a supplement that you can try for a bit and stop whenever you like.

    Best of luck and happy researching. Theres lots of good diet, training and gear advice on here

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