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Thread: another newbie to this forum 42m need advice

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    another newbie to this forum 42m need advice

    per title , im 42 and have been training on and off for over 20 years. I had stopped completly to focus on my business.
    I am now in a place to get back into shape and just after some advice as new things are around now like sarms and peptides that i never really looked into.

    from member's with experience of below compounds could you advice on a good cycle to drop some fat please and get back some muscle.

    i tried some keto and lost some fat but i made the mistake of not training so i lost a heap of muscle.

    • gw501516
    • mk677
    • yk11
    • sus250
    • eq
    • masteron en
    • winny
    • arimadex
    • igf1Lr3

    so with the above list would would be a good fat shred cycle?

    i will be doing am cardio treadmill incline 40 mins 5 days
    weights 2 on 1 off
    cals 2500
    189 pnd
    25%+ B/F
    i have not sorted my macros yet but may carb cycle.

    thanks in advance..

    completed enough cycles over time

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    Welcome to the boards. You should post your more specific questions in other parts of the forum if you want answers. Most replies in the section will just be welcoming statements.

    Upfront, I want to tell you that my reply is from a guy who barely knows what he's doing... So take everything I say with a grain of salt and let everyone else's opinion out way mine....

    But here's the reply no one wants to hear, Check out the diet and nutrition section for tips on eating and macros. I've never heard of a cycle that removes fat. Only cycles that help you retain muscle as you lose fat through diet and, to a much lesser degree, cardio. Yeah, theres fat burners and all that, but at your stats, those probably are not all that helpful. Givin your stats, it's my personal opinion that if you focus more on diet you will reap more rewards than a shit ton of cardio every morning. A lot of people will tell you, at your current body fat percentage, running a cycle could be difficult (hard to control side effects, Etc.), But I'm a free spirit kind of guy and I say do your research and make your own decisions...

    The answer you want: you say you've done plenty of Cycles in the past so I'll spare all the "go check out the successful first cycle thread" blah, blah, blah. Of your list, I'm not sure why Arimidex is on there unless you're asking about estrogen control... I've not used peptides, but I've used winny and mast. Winny was 'meh', i love mast but for the love of God please go read all the warnings about using it.

    Your question is a bit to broad and rather spread out... So again, break it down into more specific questions and ask in other parts of the forum and you'll get tons of help.

    Welcome again, and best of luck!
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    I'll second Charlie's advice about diet.
    Personally, I got down to <20% bf before using a "fat burner" (ECA), and down to 12.5% bf before trying Anavar and clen . My coach had me cut waaayyy back on cardio and focus on weights as I went from 25% bf to 12.5%.
    Diet for fat loss. Weights for muscle retention/gain. Cardio for health and particularly HIIT cardio for a small increase in metabolism.
    Best wishes!

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    thankyou both for your input, i guess these days allot of us want the fastest results and try and do everything to get to the goal, so strict diet with drugs is usually the way forward.
    i will read around and take the advice into my 2 week trial and see what results are yielded.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome ! ! !

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