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    Brand new first time user of Test, need a few answers please and thank you!

    Hey guys I am in desperate need of some answers here. I am 5"10, 160 lbs and just started Testosterone Cypionate last Tuesday. It is 250mg/ML and the guy I got it off has juiced on and off and told me to start with 50cc which for 4 weeks every four days and then go up to 1cc for the following 6 weeks which would then conclude the cycle. Now he also told me I should be just fine and don't need to get anything while I'm on it because I won't grow man boobs lol. But I then talked to my other buddy who ran it 5 years ago and he said "Dave is wreckless you need to get Arimadex and start taking it two weeks in or so. Now I am worried and hope it isn't too late. I have been looking for Arimadex but the prices are ridiculous online it varies from 60-100 dollars after shipping. Does anyone have a good recommendation and possible dosing that I could use. I definitely came into this a little blind but it is already working and I love it. Also if you think I need anything else while on it. He also said get Nolvadek/Clomid for the PCT I guess so just making sure that sounds right and if you also may know a good site for that. Sorry for the long post but I definitely did not do enough research as I didn't know about this site. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum? Post your cycle in the Q&A.

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    Welcome to the board.

    Stop over-thinking, simplicity facilitate many things.

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