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    New Old Guy Intro

    Guess I ought to post up a brief intro. Been lurking around for close to a year and learned a ton from all the knowledgeable regular posters here. Not naming names but you know who you are. Also gotten some good laughs out of some of the misguided posts from people with no business attempting AAS use.

    I'm an old guy I guess... a little over a month away from my 57th birthday. Hard to believe. Where'd the time go?
    Been into working out and weightlifting since my early twenties. Really got serious in my mid 30's after divorce.
    Cycled maybe 10-12 times back then. Gained 30lb. and lowered my BF considerably over 2 years. 6'2" and was about 235lbs. and 12% BF back then and felt great. Honestly didn't know what I was doing with AAS but only ran mild cycles and fortunately fully recovered after each one.

    Age, life and various other external factors caught up with my by 50 and I stopped training regularly and only hit the
    gym sporadically up until the beginning of this year. Haven't missed a workout day since Jan 1. Training five days a week like an animal and it feels good to be back!

    Jumped on a mild Test only cycle right off the bat. Even though I was 235lb. and probably 20-22% BF. High BF to start I know but I needed something to make me feel young again or the training would have suffered. I've been more than happy with my training results. Current stats are 260lb. and about 15% BF. I was expecting a recomp but not the added mass. Oh well, I'll take it. LOL

    Currently doing the biggest cycle I've ever attempted and getting great results. Test/Deca /Mast/Proviron Added Tren E almost 4 weeks ago. Scary shit but I love the results! Will finish this cycle end of August and then cruise for a couple of months to reset and get my blood work straightened out.

    Anyway, I think that covers it for now. Happy to be a member of this great community. It's helped me immensely.

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