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Thread: Hey guys

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    Hey guys

    I just joined...obviously. I am 6ft 4 in and weigh 215. Not sure what my body fat percentage is. I've been lifting for about 15 years now, I'm 37. I took a few years off but picked back up last year. I work full time and am a full time student so going to the gym was not working do to time restrictions. Therfore, I am doing p90x. I am entering into the 9th week and have not missed one day. It works out great for me cause I can wake up at 4 am and do it in my basement before my day starts. As I have gotten older I am more fatigued and the weight I gained on my few years off is not coming off easily. My goal is to cut I bought some SARM LGD 4033 but have only taken it a few days. I am leary of doing a cycle's crossed my mind. I did do one in my early 20s and did not have a good experience with it. Having said that I was also young and reckless. Anyhow, enough out of me for now. Glad to be a member.
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