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Thread: 34 roid virgin.

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    34 roid virgin.

    Hey yall! Been working out on and off since my teens, iv always been able to get good results. Although when younger it took some extreme diets like trying to shove 8k cal into myself a day! Lol from massgainer peanutbutter logs, to drinking a carton of eggs in the morning.

    Im my older age its gotten easier to put on mass, from 180 to 200 it where ill range from. Getting tired of the old bulk and cut then lose mass steady to maintain a lower body fat level.

    Its time to cut corners! This may recieve some flame but iv just started a anavar only cycle, im 4 days in and the changes are insane to say the least!! 183 to 190, my muscles are feeling full like my body is jamming them with nutrients! Little viens saying hello for the first time since my teens lol im not expecting it to go like this the entire time, and ill hold my judgement for week 6.

    Anyways cheers everyone!

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    You won't get flamed here. Just advice on how to do things correctly.

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