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Thread: PCT help

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    PCT help

    I’m currently on a 13 week cycle of test E 600 mg a week deca 400 a week and last 6 weeks of d-bol 50mg. This is my first full stack cycle so I need a good pct so I won’t come off with any damage. I’ve done research after research and I read something different every time. I’ve looked at taking nolvadex and Clomid and I’ve also thought about just taking HCG alone for PCT and also thought about putting it all in one PCT together if nesssary. This is what I e came up with so far
    Nolvadex: Clomid:
    Week 1: 30mg a day week 1: 75mg a day
    Week 2: 20mg a day week 2: 50mg a day
    Week 3: 10mg a day week 3: 50mg a day
    Week 4: 10mg a day week 4: 25mg a day

    Week 1: 1,500iu mon,wed,Fri
    Week 2: 1,000iu mon,wed,fri
    Week 3: 500iu mon,wed,fri

    I also need help on timing when to start my PCT after last injection.
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    Welcome. If you ask this in the "Questions and Answers" section you will get more responses.

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