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    Just Sayin Hello

    Hey everyone I have been a “long time” learner and finally deciding to get active in the forum.
    I am looking at starting my first cycle in a few months but so glad I found a reputable board to actually learn the proper fundamentals from (because every one always has a differing opinion)

    Thanks for the chance to rub shoulders with you all.

    Just a few stats
    Age 26
    Lifting Experience 2 years consistently but 10 years of total lifting
    Height 6” 1’
    Weight 190
    Body fat between Around 20% working on dropping it
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    Quote Originally Posted by brazey View Post
    Thanks! It was actually Austinites articles that got me hook on this community. Any place that has such great content was the place I wanted to be.
    I’ll be sure to go back and reread it several more times though.

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