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    Question New here, Need Help + intro

    Iím 21, Iíve been training for 3 year but I really been training training 1/2. My first year and a half was bullshit because I didnít know what I was really doing but still making moderate gains. So after that first year and half around the time I went to Colombia to visit family. I sign up for a gym over there and the dudes around there were big as fuck and I know that steroid use is popular there. I meet one of the trainer at the gym, I ask him about wanting to put on size( he was was jacked ). He recommended me a Anavar + Superdrol Cylce. He told me it was beginner it should be able to make me gain weight. He gave me the stuff for kidney too(sorry Iím high but bear with me). I went on it and gained the weight Iíve always wanted. The trainer instructed me on best ways to take them and get the most out of them. It went great, few side effects acne, bad mood,my balls shrinked but I was still very horny(???). I was more confident that too, I was self conscious and self esteem issues. I started taking Anavar + Superdrol oral (Iíll post pics) from Colombia to back in the states. I made super gains, well for me I was really weak. Time fast forward to today I hit up the trainer last year to send me another bottle. Itís my second time around, Iím tryna make more gains. I a month in and some shit happens and Iím not really focused. So I just cut it. Iíll just finish another 30 day cycle some other time when Iím in better place. Now today corona virus and all I mange to invest in a bar and a bench and some weights. I came to conclusion that I have been somewhat irresponsible with steroids as Iím now reading that both that superdrol is bad for your kidneys and your Testosterone levels wills be all off and stuff. I wanna know how bad is the shit Iím taking. Also looking to make super gains in the next 30 days, you know right before the summer or if there will be a summer. I wanna enjoy these day Iím free to do focus on working out and getting the most( even if it will fuck up my kidney, I want my moneys worth). The pictures attached are begging, the other one is weight gain, and then the other one is post cycle.
    New here, Need Help + intro-79239ff7-a26d-432f-80da-0a0d9cc3bbc2.jpg New here, Need Help + intro-a6a38cc9-33c5-4665-856c-a4cb78090ddb.jpegNew here, Need Help + intro-7a9897d3-b62c-4ff6-8d0f-26068f32b409.jpegNew here, Need Help + intro-7eb658d4-34fc-4539-84dc-41fdc889a2bd.jpegClick image for larger version. 

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    Welcome! Glad you’re here.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Nice to meet ya. Welcome to the forum

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