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Thread: New to the site, Just wanted to say Hi 👍

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    New to the site, Just wanted to say Hi 👍

    New to the site, Just wanted to say Hi 👍-4407cb7d-805c-4679-9fdb-a6650c380449.jpgHi Guys,
    My name is Brandon, I’m 39 and have been cycling and training for roughly 7yrs now. Got the basic info from some bodybuilding buddies and now looking to expand my knowledge base. I cycle mostly Test 400 and EQ 300. But have also cycled HGH, Sustanon , Tren , Deca , and Masteron . I’m currently on a long running cycle of 800 Test and 600 EQ a week. I feel great and I’m in the best shape of my life. I eat proper (most days) and workout pretty much every day. Currently sitting at 6’3” and 237lbs and prob 9% body fat. Just signed up here like I said to gain more knowledge. I’ve basically never stopped cycling at all for 7yrs straight as my buddies are pretty hardcore compared to me and they said what I’m on is pretty “low risk” as far as they’re concerned. So I’m hoping to either confirm or deny their teachings through this site, haha. Personally I’m looking to gain a bit more size, maybe 10lbs max and then just stay lean and feeling good. If anyone has any suggestions based on this info then feel free to shoot it my way. If not I’ll just pick through the site and learn what I can. Thanks in advance.
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    Glad to have you!
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    Welcome to the forum, loads of help and information here, enjoy .
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