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    New to anabolics and hopefully starting a cycle soon

    Hey all,

    Definitely helpful to have been reading through everything on the site. This combined with steroids .com has been fantastic in helping understand the world of anabolics/bro science haha. A little background, 34 year old pharmacist that's been lifting for about 16-17 years now, lots of sports, etc, active dude. Have some stubborn fat I'd like to blow off and hopefully put on some lean muscle as well.

    Seems like I'm supposed to post stats here?
    34 year old Male
    195 lbs
    14.5% fat (with a fit3D body scanner)

    My goals are really to gain good definition and maybe be upwards of 205-210 so nothing insane. Hoping I can accomplish this with some simple test/winstrol cycles with some minor mods to my diet. Hoping to hear from y'all soon! I'll have my first cycle post coming here soon once I get some pics later today Again - really appreciate all the info I'm seeing on here, especially with good personal experience information.


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    Welcome man! Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cylon357 View Post
    Welcome to the forum!

    Peep the 'Planning my first cycle ' sticky in the AAS forum.

    Also, as a pharmacist, maybe you want to stay out of the work stash

    Actually, that would have to be frustrating: being around legit pharma products and not being able to touch it!
    Haha! Yeah I'm pretty firm about NEVER wanting the DEA to even think about my name so any scheduled drugs are a hard no from the stash.

    And thanks to all for the welcome!

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    Welcome to the forum. What you're asking, 10 to 15lbs is definitely achievable, even without PEDs. You're looking at a bulk or recomp though. With that you may want to avoid the winny. Stick with just the Test on your first cycle and see how your body reacts to it. Plus gets you acquainted to injecting, needles, dosing, pinning schedules, etc. It's alot at first but becomes second nature once you're doing it for awhile.

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    welcome to the forum brotato

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