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Thread: HELLO First Post and Bio Too

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    Talking HELLO First Post and Bio Too

    Hi everyone, first post here. Have read some amazing stuff on this site and wanted to say hello and tell you why I'm here.

    For a point of reference I'm 6'4 and 180lbs. I try to lift in the gym at least 3 times a week on the rare occasion ill do 4-5 or not at all for a couple weeks. I have a pretty decent body in my opinion most specifically have a great body when I'm pumped in the gym and immediately after for 20 minutes or so. So, in my mind, I want to always look like that guy when I'm pumped so I probably need to gain 5-10 pounds of lean muscle. Have had zero luck in the past 20-25 years. I went up to 215 in college once and was the biggest I have ever been but no where near the definition I have now at 180. I have really long legs, short abdomen and long arms. A terrible body for clothes by the way. I asked the author / bodybuilder Paul Burke years ago about why it was so hard to look even half the size i did while i was pumped and he said that I prob volumize more than most people and its not a terrible thing and would help me out later in life. He also said I should get my blood count checked just in case I had a low blood volume. Side note, an acupuncturist I saw 10 years ago asked me if I ate red meat, when i said yes, she told me good b/c she thought i needed more blood. I saw her for migraines not bodybuilding gaines. When I lift and get pumped I have been told and given looks like I'm on steroids . Never tried them. I have had the unfortunate luck of getting gynocemasatia when I was maybe 13 (started as a small lump and progressively got bigger and softer as I matured into my late teens/ early 20s) and it never went away. The right side is actually not too bad and even makes my pec look pretty decent but the left side has substantial glandular tissue and looks really me at least. To the average joe who sees me, they might not even know I have it but it's there. Been told by 3 or 4 doctors over the years that it's just cosmetic and there's nothing they could do except surgery.

    Without turning this into a long run on sentence story here I simply wanted to ask everyone what they thought my best place to post or even turn to... Really do not know if this is a calorie thing, hormone thing, supplement thing etc.

    I'm ready to post all of my blood work and diet/supplement info but do not want to feel like i'm taking too much of everyone's time in one post. Hope everyone gets what they're looking for that read is much too short to not be happy.

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    Welcome, Drew. Probably it would help us all if you could break this post up into sections. It looks like you have several areas or questions buried in your post!

    However, since you are prone to gynecomastia , you will likely need to read up on SERMs such as nolvadex and aromatase inhibitors such as Exemestane or Anastrozole should you choose to incorporate AAS. There are quite a few guys that have had surgery to address gynecomastia should that option be available to you.

    Please educate yourself and ask questions before you jump into AAS usage.

    For AAS related questions go here:

    For diet questions:

    For lifting/exercise questions:

    Welcome to the forum.
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    thank you

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    Welcome to the forum! AG has you pointed in the right direction.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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