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    I'm realtivly new to steroid use . I am a swimmer,and a part time body builder.
    I have done a few cycles in the past year. winstrol , deca and my perscription cypianate. I' m looking to order off the internet to compare the gear my friend has been selling me to other stuff out there. I'm looking to gain lean mass with out alot of water retention. If anyone has any suggestions as to what i should order, i'd greatly appreciate it. please include the cycle length amount I should inject and how often I should take it. please also include any other products i will need in order to reduce any side affects. I sometimes drink heavily> thanks for your help

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    First off,Welcome to AR bro.Now go to the educational threads and read,after that then start posting cycle ideas and give stats also.They can be harsh in the steroidQ's.Be cool and enjoy

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