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    New Here (GetBig is who I am known as)

    Just wanted to say the board looks great. I see some good mods here. Lewd, has helped me out a long time ago, so I respect him a great deal.

    Been known as GetBig all the way back from the steroids101 board. Name was already in use here. It seems that has been the same with a lot of board so the new name is MR TEST, I have regiesterd under this name on a few boards now.

    Geardups board has been my home for a good while now, but since the recent passing, I am not sure what it will be like, so here I am, looking for a new home. I just wanted to go somewhere where I knew some names.

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    Behind Ur booty
    Welcome to AR MR TEST Sorry to hear about Geardup we have a memorial post to him. Good to have you aboard here. Im fairly new here also.

    Here is the URL on the board
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    Welcome to AR Bro.

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