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    I am going to start a cycle in the next couple of weeks, and am taking any advice that I can. I plan on 20mg/day Dianabol , 200mg/wk Deca , and 80mg/day Andriol . I will do this for 6 weeks and go from there. Any advice is appreciated. Also, how safe is it getting it from overseas companies on the internet when they also offer a prescription?? I am 5'10" and 148lbs.

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    Welcome bro to AR...first off you need to post your cycle in the steroid forum,gave age stats...ect.I can't help noticing how light you are,IMO you should try to put on some more #'s naturally til you take the plunge.Secondly do some research here on the board first,you cycle needs a lot of work,Test is a foundation to any good cycle and you haven't mentioned that above,now go do some research and get back to us,we're here to help.All the best..DB

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