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    Unhappy Wheres the BEEF???

    Yes, it is true like the rest, I am new to this site. I recoginize my boy Diesel, Sup D? I have so many questions and dont have the surf time to answer them. I have put in the gym time without roids and now I want to start experimenting, pure trial basis just to get started and to see if they are for me. I have read alot on the types of roids and the effects. I even read quite a few tutorials left by some of the senior members to this site. But the basic question is "how".. How do you know what to experiment with first for how long ect ect. I have surfed the web for what seems like forever and yes, I have found descent sites. Anyone have any interesting sites to follow up with? Im not asking for names or people to trust me, just a gentle nudge in the right direction. Any good reference material would be helpful. Tks.


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    LOL...where's the beef. Havn't heard that one in a while. Welcome to AR bro.

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    Welcome to the board.

    As for a first cycle, almost everybody is going to tell you to run test e or cyp for 10-12 weeks. The amount depends on your size and age. Go to the steroid forum, and look around. You will see at least 18,000 "newbie cycle" questions. Take a look at what the guys have told them.

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    welcome bro!

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