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    This Anthrax crap is getting a little scary!! I live in a small Canadian East Coast City (375,000 people). We have a naval base and a World Trade Center as well as high rise office towers. Two towers were evacuated yesterday because there were 3 mysterious packages with an unknown powdery substance. The hazardous materials squad was called in an the parcels were removed. One was found to be gyprock the other two are still being tested. I can only imagine living in a larger city....scary shit.


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    Had a little miny scare here yesterday - got a call from my shipping guy - he said there was a package for Tom and then my last name - well my name aint tom.....and it was from some wierd company - I didnt know where from - long story short - he ended up opening it for me with gloves on - it was totally fine but it was creepy to even think that we have to consider this stuff now

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    not to worry too much anthrax is not so easy to contract the disease - but the stuff that went to congress was a nasty form of it (airborn) and not easy to make - likely soviet or iraqi, not natural.

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    It is scary, but think of what that the anthrax attacks are meant to accomplish: terror. As hard as it may be to live a normal life, thats what it might take to beat terrorism. Its going to take a collective effort to win this war and everybody has an important role, no matter how small it may be.

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