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    ptbyjason Guest

    This is worth looking at

    It's kind of sad, but it is an excellent pictorial about everything going on lately. If you have a fast connection it is well worth watching.

    Click here

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    I went to my undergrad college homecoming this past weekend and becasue of those bastards, one of my old frat brothers wasn't there. He was on the 100 and somethinth floor and didn't make it out. You know that really makes my fucking blood boil.

    Damn those fucking bastards... they will pay... not only with their lives but with their souls as well.

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    After watching that I'm reminded of how diabolical this attack was. Sometimes I even forget about what happened momentarily but then reality wakes me up. This is something we will never forget and can never forget and that small clip is a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives and those who gave their lives in hopes of helping others.


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    Over there.
    Strong stuff.

    Hard to put in to words what this makes you feel.

    Other than the fact the we will survive.

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    I wanna feel rage but all I can feel is sadness

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