No proof he committed any crime. Case closed.

I advise you don't read the story I linked to because it's written by the prosecutor himself (who the hell lets the subject of a news story write his own copy??!?) and it's one of the most pandering pieces of shit I ever have read. He bends over backwards to Michael Brown's parents (and the community) for their son having forced Officer Wilson to kill him, and spares no tear in implying that it was Wilson's fault, not Brown's.

It also bears mention that this wasn't a long-term investigation, this particular ass-wipe prosecutor waited until 2020 -- six years after the event -- to begin his investigation, no doubt because he thought in the present agitated social climate he could parlay some taxpayer's dollars into a block vote from the minority community. So he spent five months "investigating" and comes away with bupkis.

But the forensic evidence clearly showed that Wilson's sidearm was discharged -- twice -- inside of his cruiser. Brown's blood was found on the gun, on Wilson's clothes and inside the car, and there was gunshot residue on Brown's hands. Like all the other forensics, this supports Wilson's account of the incident, in which he states that Brown reached into his car and tried to wrestle his sidearm from him.

He beat Wilson so severely in the exchange that he suffered a fractured eye socket and was struggling to remain conscious as Brown walked away, But then he turned around and was walking back to the police car -- possibly because bystanders were taunting him to finish what he had started -- when Wilson shot him.

Putting myself in Wilson's bloody boots, I rather imagine that he didn't look on Brown as an unarmed man as he walked back toward him, he saw him as a lethal weapon on two legs who already had proved his willingness (and ability) to do him grievous injury.

Common sense tells me that Brown presented Wilson with a simple proposition. Either you kill me or I'll kill you, and he was betting his life that Wilson didn't have the balls to pull the trigger. The fact that Brown was "unarmed" is a complete red herring because he'd made it abundantly clear in the earlier altercation that it was well within his ability to kill Wilson using nothing but his bare hands, particularly in Wilson's subsequently compromised condition.

On the subject of the "unarmed" horseshit, you should check out One Punch Homicide. He started this website in an effort to protect women because the average man can beat the holy hell out of the average woman if she is unarmed, without too much trouble. But most violent criminals have themselves been the victims of violence so he reasoned that the best way to reduce violence against women was to break the cycle by preventing violence against men.

And part of that process is dispelling the myth that "unarmed" somehow also means "non-lethal." Except that punching someone in the head -- even just one lick -- can and sometimes does kill.

He has a list of more than 200 cases of one-punch homicides. But beyond the deaths, he also raises the question, for each one death, how many suffer permanent brain damage or other debilitating injury? Ten, A hundred? Nobody knows because no one is systemically looking at these cases ... except him.

Anyway, that's one of the charges that the parrot's keep reciting in condemnation of Officer Wilson (who did nothing wrong apart choosing to wear a blue uniform for a living). He shot an "unarmed" man.

Try explaining that to the shopkeeper who Brown robbed and assaulted earlier that same day.

The real victim here is Darren Wilson. The rest of his life is fucked because he chose not to let an aspiring career criminal murder him.