Al Gore Imagines Scenario Where Military Removes Trump If He Refuses To Concede

What a fucking moron. Hard to imagine this walking eggplant once was first in line of succession to the presidency when he knows exactly Sweet Fuck-All about the Constitution.

First of all, the concession by the outgoing POTUS is protocol, NOT LAW. It's purely ceremonial like players meeting on the field to shake hands after a ball game. It bears NO RELEVANCE to the outcome of the game.

Second, and MOST FUCKING IMPORTANTLY, Trump remains CINC unless and until his replacement is sworn in, which happens January 20th, at the earliest. Any move by the Amred Forces against a sitting President before then would be treason (18 U.S. Code  2381), mutiny (Article 94 UCMJ) insubordinate conduct (Article 91 UCMJ), and about 20 other assorted crimes. But treason gets 'em a federal death sentence and mutiny gets 'em a military death sentence so beyond those two, everything else is mere window dressing.