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    Bahrain normalizes ties with Israel

    Bahrain is a piss-ant of a country by Arab standards (1/5th the size of the state of Rhode Island and population of <2 million, about half of whom are non-Arab "guest workers") but along with the same move coming from the UAE, and with Serbia recognizing Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of Israel, it's all positive news on the Israeli Front. I find this an especially auspicious announcement because while the UAE is primarily Sunni Muslim, Bahrain is almost entirely Shiite (the winner of each year's Grand Prix of Bahrain F1 race must drink sparking rose water, not champagne). Iran is the ringmaster among the Shiite countries and also is Israel's arch-enemy, so this signals the first of the Shiite coalition breaking ranks with Tehran. The more Tehran is isolated, the better for the region (and by extension, the rest of the world).

    Bahrain normalizes ties with Israel

    Bahrain and Israel agree to the establishment of full diplomatic relations in an agreement brokered by the US.

    US President Donald Trump, King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa of Bahrain, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday agreed to the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain, the White House said in a statement.

    Bahrain thus becomes the second Gulf state to normalize ties with Israel, after the UAE and Israel announced they were normalizing relations on August 13.

    The White House statement said that Bahrain has accepted President Trump's invitation to join Israel and the United Arab Emirates at the historic signing ceremony of their peace agreement next week at the White House, where Netanyahu and Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani will be signing a historic Declaration of Peace.

    “This is a historic breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East. Opening direct dialogue and ties between these two dynamic societies and advanced economies will continue the positive transformation of the Middle East and increase stability, security, and prosperity in the region,” the statement said....

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    The Shiite in Bahrain are the underdogs and they're fully suppressed by the government, that is fully backed by Saudi Arabia.
    I have relocated from Ontario to Dubai for work a few years back (my roots are middle eastern) and I have been to Bahrain a few times when I was on business in Dammam, Saudi Arabia as there is absolutely nothing to do there, so everyone goes to Bahrain over the weekend to go to the movies (until like last year, Saudi didn't even have movie theaters) and have a few drinks at the bars.
    When you are in Bahrain, all you see around is Saudis, they pretty much run Bahrain.
    The Shiite in Bahrain are all shoved in the same area and whenever they try to protest anything, the army goes there and surrounds that area and shuts them up.
    During the so called Arab spring when so many many people rebelled against their governments, the Shiites tried to do the same in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia sent their army to back the Bahraini government.
    So even though there are quite a few Shiites in Bahrain, it is still considered a sunni country and fully backup and supported by Saudi Arabia.
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