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Thread: Barrett fails First Amendment Quiz

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    Barrett fails First Amendment Quiz

    Barrett Unable to Name 5 Freedoms Protected by 1st Amendment

    She failed to name the right to protest.
    She did manage to get the religion part right.

    Now... I am actually posting this as humor.
    I am not saying see is stupid and shouldn't get the seat.
    She simply had a mental slip.
    I repeat... I am not attacking her.

    What I find funny is that in this day and age... with all the protests going on...
    She forgets about the right to protest.

    And what really makes me laugh thinking about...

    Can you imagine the uproar if she failed a quiz on the 2nd amendment and forgot to name the right to bear arms?
    Now that would've caused a commotion.

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    Remember when it was ok to forget things, or say something backwards while speaking quickly? Those were the days when people had their own brains and just understood that sometimes even the smartest people could mis-speak. And the world continued to rotate just fine.

    Nowadays if you make one tiny unintentional mistake, they emblazon it in stone forever and destroy you.

    I Fk shit up all the time... Probably why I'll never make the Supreme court.
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    If you watch ANYONE closely enough, you will find plenty to point out. I (almost) feel sorry for people under that close scrutiny.

    I mean geez, if someone had eyes on me 24 7, a) they'd be bored as [email protected] and also b) maybe a little traumatized. But, you get what you deserve.

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    THAT tears it, I wouldn't vote for her if she was the only candidate running!!!

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    I feel like anyone running for office should know, word-for-word, the entire constitution, bill of rights, and every amendment. As an attorney, judge, politician, or president, you should know and honor the moral fabric of this nation.

    That said, I watched the video and she appeared to have a slip-up, no biggie. She appears to be smart enough. I'm sure our prez couldn't name 3 freedoms protected by the 1st amendment.

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