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    HR 1 would put the Washington swamp in charge of elections

    HR 1 would put the Washington swamp in charge of elections

    by Rep. Andy Biggs | March 08, 2021 12:00 AM

    One reason that Democrats pursued their second sham impeachment of President Donald Trump is to distract the nation from a myriad of leftist policies they are implementing. One of the very worst is a renewal of their effort to put D.C. swamp monsters such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in charge of all elections.

    The far Left wants to take control of local elections and prevent states, counties, and cities from running elections. They also want to eliminate voter identification, a requirement in most states and one that the Supreme Court has upheld. Leftists also want taxpayers to pay for the campaigns of politicians.

    These crazy ideas, which will undermine the integrity of all our elections, is priority No. 1 of the Democratic Party. It was the first bill Pelosi and company introduced when Democrats took control of the House in 2019. It was stopped cold by then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But when Democrats took control of the House, Senate, and the presidency in January of this year, it was once again the first bill introduced by the Democrats.

    One doesn’t need to look too far to understand why liberals want to centralize election procedures in Washington. They believe that the changes they propose will keep Democrats in power in perpetuity and reduce the role of Republicans. And after all, the purpose of everything Democrats do is not to benefit the nation; it is to keep Democrats in power. By taking control of elections away from the local jurisdictions that have constitutional authority over elections, the political party in power can create a system that favors that party staying in power.

    Democrats want to eliminate voter identification requirements. Most rational people want to know that voters are eligible to vote and want to prevent fraud, such as duplicate voters. That is why most states impose minimal voter identification requirements. Without voter ID, it is simply easier to commit voter fraud. Democrats want to erase voter ID so they can cheat.

    Buying alcohol, guns, or a house, taking out a loan, and cashing a check all require presentation of identification. But Democrats want to eliminate that requirement on voting, the foundation upon which our representational, republican form of government is built.

    Adding a finger in the eye to taxpayers is the proposal by Democrats that everyone pay for the campaigns of politicians. Why should my tax dollars go to pay for the campaigns of politicians with whom I vehemently disagree? Why should conservative taxpayers be on the hook for politicians such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and others who are way to the left? For that matter, why should a liberal taxpayer be burdened to pay for politicians on the Right such as me, Rep. Matt Gaetz, or Rep. Jim Jordan?

    Of course, this piece of legislation, H.R. 1, does more than give Washington control over all elections, eliminate voter ID, and require taxpayers fund politicians. It requires ballot-harvesting and nationwide mail-in ballots, which even former President Jimmy Carter acknowledged is the surest way to voter fraud, among other outlandish ideas that will ultimately render the voter irrelevant.

    The public should let its elected representatives know that it opposes this takeover. State legislatures should let their federal counterparts hear from them. State attorneys general should prepare the lawsuits that will be necessary to dismantle this unconstitutional and unfair voting scheme.

    And all members of Congress should work to defeat and slow down this horrendous policy promoted by the Left.

    Distilled to just the bullet points; follow the hotlink in the headline for the complete details.

    15 Insane Things In Democrats’ H.R. 1 Bill To Corrupt Elections Forever

    Here are just some of the unconstitutional, absurd, nakedly partisan, and crime-indulging provisions in this bill that 220 House Democrats voted for.

    1. Openly Breaks the Constitution

    2. Set Up Star Chambers to Intimidate Judges

    3. Mandate Mail-in Ballots, 10-Day Delay in Results

    4. Eliminate Voter ID Election Security

    5. Register Millions Of Criminally Present Foreign Citizens to Vote

    6. Explode Opportunities for Election Cheating

    7. Prevent Cleaning Up Voter Rolls

    8. Unleash Mobs on Political Donors

    9. Gerrymander Districts to Favor Democrats

    10. Make Vote Hacking Easier

    11. Let Former Felons Vote Before They’ve Completed Their Sentences

    12. Help 16- and 17-Year-Olds Vote Illegally

    13. Bans Keeping the Records Necessary for an Election Audit or Recount

    14. Mandates Ballot Drop Boxes

    15. Giving U.S. Territories Extra Democrat Seats in Congress and the Electoral College

    H.R. 1 would form a commission to consider granting five U.S. territories voting rights, but not statehood. This is an open attempt to rig Congress and the presidency in favor of Democrats.

    If these territories are granted House, Senate, and Electoral College seats, they could add as many as 10 senators and 18 new Electoral College votes, all almost assuredly filled with Democrats. Notice that at the current construction of the Senate, when a 60-vote majority is needed to pass most items of importance, this plan would give Democrats that insurmountable 60-vote majority to do whatever they want with no obstacles.

    Since these remote islands are all welfare states that have chosen to remain dependent on U.S. taxpayer largess rather than developing self-government, they would be poor partners for the existing states, to say the least. Like usual, Democrats don’t even want to challenge them to self-governance. They just want to use them as dependents to expand their political power.

    There’s a lot more in this bill, such as that its only limits on voting appear to be regarding absentee ballots for U.S. soldiers. This massive list is not a comprehensive examination.

    It should suffice, however, to reveal how insane today’s Democrat Party is that every single House Democrat, save one, voted for this bill. This is a voting bill that only totalitarians seeking a uniparty nation could love.

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    It's simply confounding that the very same people howling vehemently for democracy and free and fair elections, can disagree with tenet's like voter ID or verification.

    Just last week, liberals were demanding signature verification for the recall of democrat governor newsom, while at the same time howling that calls for signature verification last November in arizona and Georgia was "voter suppression". Then democrats bizarrely change voting laws in key swing states in midnight sessions, screaming hysterically that the state judges had a right to do so, simply to turn around and wail that the federal government should oversee local elections. But only after they gained control of the federal government. Go figure.

    Nobody that honestly wants to see fair, legal and legitimate elections would be pushing such policies and open contradictions.
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