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    Illegal Alien Wanna-Bees lining up at border ... wearing Bite-Me T-Shirts

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    The biden administration has unabashedly threw down the border and advertised "free shit" to anybody willing to cross the border illegally.

    This has and will, enrich criminal cartel's who conduct human trafficking, prostitution and narcotics smuggling. Greatly promoting human suffering and misery of the most heinous type.

    It will enrich wealthy business owners by lowering the cost of labor and providing cheap house servants and interesting restaurant choices for privileged liberals and wealthy elites. Especially after covid lockdowns have killed local business. And crippled the middle class Intentionally of course.

    It will enrich the billionaire class by providing a bigger consumer base to buy cheap Chinese plastic imported shit.

    It will ultimately make the rich richer, and the poor poorer. Which of course was the entire point of the biden administration and the democrat party platform. Who no longer even pretend like covid is an issue, or that they care about american citizens ass they allow mass untested migration into all corners of the nation.

    Congratulations. You all got rid it "the orange menace". Who was "destroying our country"

    The stupidity is truly nauseating.
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