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    This is why the democrat party wants to defund the police.

    It's all in the news.

    The war against the police, is a propoganda movement designed to gain public support in order to do away with localized police forces.

    Basically a local police department would, or could be a rallying point and source of leadership and resistance at a time of crisis.

    Federalizing a police force instead of letting local communities police themselves can greatly reduce the chances of insubordination and localized resistance to any sort of large scale policies that may otherwise lead to localized insurrection.

    We've already seen many local sheriff's and police chiefs refuse to enforce policies of the democrat party in regard to second amendment rights. And now, local police departments are refusing the democrat party immigration free-for all policy as well as many refusing the democrat party governors draconian lockdown policies. So the democrat party has basically decided to "defund the police".

    Soon a federalized "solution" will be offered. It always works the same way. The "solution" will be to put them in control of policing. Basically enabling them to enforce thier policies directly. Appointing thier chosen janissaries to enforce thier policies upon communities without question. Recruiting as they see fit. Not from local communities, but from approved federal training institutions. This is Similar to the current effort to purge our military of anybody who doesn't agree with the policy and dogma of the democrat party. It's literally the only way to divide the community, from the law enforcement institutions. And that's absolutely necessary for the implementation of enforcing policies those communities will disagree with.

    Local sheriff's departments will likely be stripped or thier authority greatly diminished very soon. Police departments will be federalized and leadership "appointed".

    This is not a left or right issue. It's an issue of liberty and common sense. Those of you who blindly follow the DNC, global Communist agendas and party line should at least recognize this for what it is, and understand the malignant agenda of those you follow.
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