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    Black LIES Matter Was Created Specifically To Fleece The Black Community

    So sayeth the founder of Black Guns Matter

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    If you consider the man's point, it makes alot of sense.

    Especially when donations to black lies matter, was diverted directly to "vote blue" DNC coffers. Money's fleeced and collected on behalf of lies and propoganda in order to help the democrat party in it's aquiring of wealth, control and power.

    So yes, I see his point.

    How much of the millions and millions of dollars collected by black lies matter, is going to go towards helping improve the lives of black people? Likely zero.

    How much was spent by the democrat party to gain more power and influence? Likely everything the leadership of BLM didn't steal, went to the DNC coffers.

    It was all a big lie. A con.
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