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Thread: Rest in Peace to Bodybuilder / Gym Owner, Doug Brignole

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    Rest in Peace to Bodybuilder / Gym Owner, Doug Brignole

    Rest in Peace to bodybuilder, gym owner, author, Doug Brignole at age 63, friend to champion Pro, Bill Pearl

    At 15 years old, he could not afford a membership, so Bill allowed him to clean showers etc. in exchange for a membership at Bill's Pasadena, CA gym.

    Doug went on to attain a championship physique, open his own gym and become a successful author and authority on weight training with his book, The Physics of Resistance Exercise.

    Here's a good video where he talks about injuries / rehab / cortisol / adrenaline etc.
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    Remember him well. Sucks getting older.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kelkel View Post
    Remember him well. Sucks getting older.
    He wasnt very old either, 63.... Im glad I wasnt one of those teenagers who thought 50 or 60 was OLD. Its all relative. Ive seen people who are 40 who look older than me and some who are 70 who look younger.
    R.I.P. as well as the past members we have lost.
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    I used to watch him on Ric Drasin's channel... RIP to both of them.
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