You know, I haven't had much time to appear on the board, but I want everyone to know that I am amazed at how the Country has come together and supported each other the way we have. I expected riots, looting, and just utter chaos! I was wrong. The support from other countries has been wonderful and it tells allot about our neighbors. I hope that you will use this forum to say whatever you have on your mind, as long as it is tasteful. If there are any unnecessary remarks, You will be banned for LIFE on our growing board. I want to thank this board for being supportive and positive. Creating this website started as a hobbies for me, but now I have more respect for it and its members like yourselves who have been so helpful and respectful of others. Stick with us through this mess. We have some exciting things going on that will change the steroid world forever, but in the mean time, lets help each other through this tragedy. I appreciate the support from every member. God Bless.