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    thanks Tobey and PT

    i can get back into teh site area w/ my friend from teh dept of transportaion on's hard to wait, but i'm still pissed i had to get out of there after already being on site. TOBEY, THANK YOU FOR CALLING BRO.I KNOW IT SOUNDS STUPID, BUT I WAS SO IMPRESSED THAT YOU CALLED SINCE MY PHONES AREN'T MAKING OUTGOING CALL DUE TO THE TOWERS.I MEANT ALOT THAT YOU CALLED TO CHECK THINGS OUT.I HOPE ALL IS WELL IN ALABAMA.THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN.thanks guys for lookign out. once i get back on the site i'm not leaving until we have more progress.i'm leaving tonight to see my parents and gf in NJ so i'll talk to all of you soon.

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    Man everybody is here for you. We don't want anyone to feel unsafe or inconvienced. I don't know what all happened, but I will probably get in touch with you later. Tobey, you're the man. You took the first steps to helping out partyboynyc and I wouldn't have realized anything major was going on until I saw your reply. I think everyone in America wants to help anyway they can.

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